SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 11, 2010 / hiking in rickett’s glen, PA

MONDAY, AUGUST 30, 2010 / started a new job today and have the best boyfriend

SATURDAY, AUGUST 28, 2010 / still sick but getting better. made myself some delicious baked eggs and cheese; i think i might make another one

THURSDAY, AUGUST 26, 2010 / first food of the day at 5:00 pm as i was too busy sleeping all day, anti-nausea medicine and a thermometer which at one point today read 101.2. blaahh.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 25, 2010 / last day in st. martin - goats on the road on the way to the airport

TUESDAY, AUGUST 24, 2010 / can you guess what we did today?

MONDAY, AUGUST 23, 2010 / nate on the ferry to anguilla

SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, 2010 / visit fort de louis

SATURDAY, AUGUST 20, 2010 / this is a crab in a parking lot, which nate is agitating with a stick

FRIDAY, AUGUST 20, 2010 / didn’t take my camera around much today, so here is a photo of an orangina can

starting on my 24th birthday on august 6th, 2010, i'll take at least one photo a day a week until exactly one year later on my 25th birthday. this project is mainly for my own enjoyment.

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